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2024 Bathroom Trends to Update Your Space

The past year presented several challenges for homeowners and property owners, from rising interest rates and soaring bills to runaway inflation, all of which took its toll on budgets and spending. Even so, people still want beautiful bathrooms, and as the weather warms up, many will start planning renovations for the new year ahead. Now is the perfect time to explore the biggest bathroom trends for 2024 across products, colours and tiles.

Spa Style

Hotel and spa-inspired bathrooms remain one of the top trends for 2024. People are aiming to recreate the relaxing, rejuvenating environment of a luxury hotel or spa right at home. Natural tones, elegant minimalism and spa-like elements like freestanding tubs evoke the memorable, extraordinary experiences found at high-end hotels.

Marble accents and modest colours also help capture the spa vibe without going overboard. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. Now travel has returned since the pandemic limitations, homeowners are finding inspiration from hotel and spa bathrooms worldwide.


Coloured Ceramics

The use of colour in bathrooms has grown as people seek to personalise their space, and the industry has responded with coloured toilets and basins. While bold colours remain popular in small bathrooms, more muted coloured ceramics in hues like olive and taupe are resurging in 2024.

Greys and blacks continue to be bathroom staples, but beyond those classic tones, experts predict a return to the coloured trends of decades past. Although some bolder colours have become niche or fallen out of favour, more muted shades are making a major comeback for toilets, basins and other bathroom ware to add interest and freshness to outdated spaces.

Fluted Details

Fluted and curved details remain popular for adding softness to bathrooms in 2024. Fluting is a decorative, ridge-like texture on fixtures such as vanities, curved sinks and more. The fluting brings a welcomed warmth to counter otherwise sterile, clinical bathroom spaces and creates visual interest for elements that can sometimes look a little plain.

Beyond fluted wood furnishings, this texture is expanding into metal bathroom accessories and brassware as well. The fluting and curvature injects an element of subtle sophistication and style to modern, minimalist bathrooms. Experts predict this once detail will continue gaining prominence in the year ahead.


Walk-In Showers and Wet Rooms

The popularity of walk-in showers and wet rooms versus bathtubs continues rising in 2024. Their sleek, minimalist look and easier accessibility make them ideal for small bathrooms. Wet rooms provide a luxurious spa-like experience and are easier to clean than traditional showers. The sensory, indulgent feel of high-end showers is also more achievable now for homeowners thanks to new shower technology.

With smaller bathrooms common in the average UK home, consumers are opting to fully convert their space into walk-in showers. This provides an open, tranquil sanctuary for homeowners without sacrificing square footage for a bulky tub. It’s an easy swap to make that instantly updates your home.

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Compact Baths

On the other hand, if you’re someone who can’t part ways with their tub, space saving designs should be top of mind in 2024. When it comes to baths, trend spotters predict a move towards more compact freestanding models in the year ahead.

Whereas freestanding tubs were once unthinkable for tiny bathrooms, smaller models now allow homeowners to enjoy a soak without sacrificing precious square footage. The ongoing quest to create a sense of space drives the demand for well-designed compact baths. Even in limited footprints, homeowners still seek a touch of luxury. Compact freestanding tubs deliver maximum indulgence and minimal footprint.


Fitted Storage

Storage remains a highly popular feature for bathroom renovators moving forwards. Integrated, fitted storage like cabinetry and under-sink cupboards helps maximise space while creating a sleek, tidy look.

Homeowners are moving away from stark, minimalist bathrooms to warmer spaces with more storage solutions that are more practical and appealing for families. Built-in cabinets, fitted furniture runs and other integrated storage options provide ample room to tuck away all bathroom necessities to keep your bathroom clutter-free but still liveable.

Demand continues for beautiful, functional bathrooms that meet homeowners’ needs. The top 2024 trends reflect a focus on luxurious spa-inspired style, space-saving solutions, easier maintenance and personalised elements. If you’re inspired to update your bathroom and incorporate any of these trends, why not get in touch with our team of bathroom experts today.

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