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Inspiration for Your Dream Shower Room

Nowadays, speedy showers have largely replaced long soaks in the bath. In addition to using less water, being shorter and more invigorating than baths, technology like aerated water and instant heating makes showers even more efficient. With the right design, your shower room can be just as indulgent and luxurious as a bathroom – the following ideas match chic and elegant spaces with contemporary shower fittings to create the perfect shower room.

Small Shower Room Ideas

Even where space is limited, compact shower rooms can radically transform your bathroom space. In fact, adding an en-suite or ground-level wet room can increase the value of your home and improve functionality. With the right approach, a small shower room can be highly functional and look great.

We recommend using large porcelain tiles on the floor to visually expand the space and adding a mirror to create depth. Incorporate storage to make the room as functional as possible, and scale shower fixtures and accessories appropriately to suit the space.

In a narrow room, it’s advisable to place fixtures along one wall, such as your WC, shower and sink. This maximises the usability of the room and creates the illusion of a larger space. Even a small shower room can feel luxurious. The secret is optimal use of space to create a stylish but practical room that optimises every inch of usable space in a clever way.

Versatile Wet Rooms

A wet room uses the whole floor as a shower tray with an in-built floor drain. No obstructions make access easier and the result is clean, modern and easy to maintain since there are minimal, if any, grout lines. Concealed toilet cistern and floating toilet underline the contemporary style, and similarly are easier to clean with fewer joints between materials.

A walk-in shower room can still be used as a full bathroom, simply by installing a partition wall to section off the shower area. Use a glass door for an open look or opt for frosted glass for a more secluded and private space. Taking the screen all the way to the ceiling creates a steam room effect and the illusion of a larger space.

Elegant En-Suite Retreats

A spacious shower can transform a tired en-suite into a luxurious oasis. When designing an elegant shower room for your en-suite, focus on creating a spa-like ambiance. Opt for a generous size enclosure, at least 1 metre square if space allows, and choose soothing colours like white, beige or cool grey on walls and flooring that are calming and sleek.

Include a built-in or glass-enclosed shower bench for relaxation and overhead rain shower heads to enhance the experience. Brushed metal fixtures and fittings are also a wonderful way to elevate the shower room and add a modern and indulgent feel.

Walk-In Showers and Wet Rooms

Take your shower room to the next level with high-end decorative touches. For walls, porcelain or natural stone tiles floor-to-ceiling create a polished, seamless look. Introduce visual interest with mosaic feature tiles or beautiful patterns. Shower room flooring also requires careful selection for safety and durability – opt for styles that deliver grip underfoot and won’t be affected by moisture.

Proper lighting transforms a shower room, so be sure to design the space so that you benefit from both natural light from windows and skylights plus dimmable artificial lighting placed strategically to set the mood. With attention to luxury materials, lighting and layout, your shower room can reach its full potential as a sanctuary.

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Compact Baths

When selecting a shower head, consider your shower space, plumbing and preferred showering experience. A fixed shower head attaches to the wall or ceiling and offers a focused stream of water and is suitable for most shower layouts.

For a luxurious sensation, install a large rain shower head. The wide nozzle disperses water over your head and shoulders like standing in the rain. This style of showerhead works best in spacious shower rooms where you have the space for a larger shower enclosure.

Handheld shower heads, meanwhile, provide flexibility to control the water stream. Great for washing or rinsing hair, they can be installed alongside other styles of showerhead for versatility. Dual shower heads give you the perks of both fixed and handheld options. If you live in a hard water area, it can also be beneficial to install a filtered shower head to remove minerals, resulting in softer water.

Whether you want to upgrade an en-suite, create a spacious walk-in wet room or maximise the practicality of a smaller bathroom by transforming it into a luxury shower room, there are solutions for any home. Visit our showroom to view our broad range of products and get professional advice from our specialists to make your shower room vision a reality.


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