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Luxury Bathrooms Lindfield

Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury bathroom design for your Lindfield home with Village Bathroom Studio. Our renowned team of experts meticulously craft lavish bathroom sanctuaries that harmoniously blend innovative styles with uncompromising quality and exquisite bathroom design experience.


Create Your Dream Bathroom, Your Way


We understand that every homeowner’s vision for their perfect bathroom is never the same. Whether you desire a sleek, modern bathroom or a timelessly elegant traditional space, our bathroom design team works in tandem with you to transform your ideas into reality. With an extensive collection of premium materials, fixtures, and accessories from leading brands, we ensure your new bathroom encapsulates your style and preferences seamlessly.

Modern Bathrooms

Modern Bathrooms

Embrace the cutting edge of luxury modern bathrooms with our sophisticated contemporary designs. Crisp lines, geometric shapes, and opulent textures like natural stone and brushed metal accents culminate in minimalist yet indulgent bathroom spaces. Discover the latest contemporary bathroom trends and explore our meticulously curated collections to find your ideal blend.

Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional Bathrooms

Step into the timeless charm of our traditional bathroom designs. Luxurious freestanding bathtubs, intricately carved wood panelling, delicate tilework, and vintage-inspired fittings are masterfully combined to recreate the inviting warmth and quintessential English elegance of classic bathrooms from eras past, enhanced with modern indulgences.

Visit Our Showroom

Experience true bathroom luxury first-hand by visiting our breathtaking bathroom showroom in nearby Uckfield. Our bathroom design experts will guide you through our displays and curate the perfect options to bring your Lindfield bathroom vision to life. Browse our captivating setups as our experts offer tailored advice and personalised recommendations.


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Transform your Lindfield bathroom with Village Bathroom Studio’s peerless luxury design and installation service. Our comprehensive end-to-end process ensures seamless execution from the initial design consultation until the final, flawless fitting by our master craftsmen. Get in touch today to start creating your dream bathroom in Lindfield.

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